When can you take a photo?

Jessie and I were talking about when it is and is not legal to take photos… Rules seem to vary from place to place so I did a bit of research online and found a few interesting articles related to this topic:

Think twice before taking pictures in public (USA Today; April 14, 2008)

The law for photographers: Can I Take This Photo? What Can I Photograph? (Photosecrets; By Andrew Hudson)

The law for photographers: Privacy – The Rules When Photographing People – The Right To Be Left Alone (Photosecrets; By Andrew Hudson)

Street Photography in China

The Theater of the Street, the Subject of the Photograph (NY Times; By PHILIP GEFTER; Published: March 19, 2006)

Photographing people in public (Photodoto; By Elizabeth West // September 23rd, 2007)

Legal Matters: Photographing People (Gidzmo.com)

Taking Photographs And The Law — Basic Legal Freedoms And Restrictions for Photographers (Photography 101 © Philip Northeast, Apr 10, 2008)

Photographing people when travelling (This person as his own practice does ask for permission under some circumstances)

Privacy & Photographing Strangers

Does facial recognition invade your privacy? (By Patrick Marshall)

Wikipedia – Photography & the Law

And I found a few discussion groups related to this topic…

uclue discussion forum on the topic of restrictions for photographers

Offstone discussion forum

Use Photo Discussion Forum

Metafilter discussion forum on photographing people in public

The lonely planet discussion forum on the issue of photographing people in public

Flickr discussion groups – ethics in photograph

Forum post on photographing children in England

I had found another article online many months ago by a lawyer who is also an amateur photographer. He posted a number of interesting points in an article that was somewhat similar to the USA today one I found above… actually I think I just found it:

Legal Rights of Photographers

Which links to this site… Photo Guide – A Photographer’s Guide to Privacy

But, this article was written in response to the above article — Your Rights vs Respect (Photo critic)

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