another day is done…

today was kinda wasted.

i slept in. i wanted to get up at like 6am, but decided to sleep more. at 8am, I decided to sleep more. I contemplated going out to Green Barn Pottery to get some H490 pit fire clay, so I can work on some extra coil pots for the spring sawdust firing but I am going to wait till Tuesday and go in early when they open at 8:30am. So I tossed and turned and thought about getting up to start cleaning and organizing my room a bit more but I ultimately did not do that either. I don’t know why. I remember being a bit sad, but not out of it like I have been recently. I just wanted some more sleep.

Earlier this week, on late Tuesday night, I picked up a ready-made roast beef sandwich and salad at the Coal Harbour Urban Fare. The sandwich tasted somewhat okay at the time, but the salad did not. I ate the entire sandwich and basically just the cheddar cheese from the salad along with a bit of the salad’s meat. I went to bed around 1am, after eating the sandwich at about 12:30am. I woke up feeling like total crap – but I dragged myself out as I had to get some stuff done. I first went to Langley campus, hung the required notice of election posters then went to Surrey for my ceramics class. I worked in the studio until about 2:30pm, but had to run to the washroom a number of times. I went to Richmond, where I brought some Christmas shows to play in the lounge and I hung out there the rest of the day. Thursday was worse than Wednesday, so I stayed home. I slept most of the day, in between running to the washroom. So it was food poisoning I assume – and since the sandwich and the salad were the only things I ate on Tuesday, I have no doubt the poisoning was connected to that. I swear, I felt better after eating half a bottle of Tylenol, than I did after eating that sandwich and salad. I plan on writing a complaint to Urban Fare about this…

Last night and today, I spent time looking at the Vancouver community centres website, checking out which locations have pottery studios. The West End location has a studio, but I do not know if they have drop in times. Some have weekend courses in the spring specifically dedicated to wheel throwing and I’m thinking of taking one of those. Sadly, the West End location has no weekend courses offered. I hope they have drop in though, it would be nice to go and just work.

I did some ironing this morning when I got up – my duvet covers which I had washed a week or so ago. I took Mom to the store so she could do some shopping, and when I came home tonight I started on organizing my closet and the DVDs I have stored in there. It is quite the mess but slowly, it is getting organized again. Over the holidays and in the new year, I hope to finish updating my database so I have an accurate and up to date listing of the titles in my collection.

Time to sign off. I have some more reading to do and I also want to work on my sketches for my class. So much to do, so little time.

– Steve

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