image problem fixed

The problem I was having with my WordPress template that I talked about in my last post is fixed. I was having issue trying to upload my own photos to randomly be used at the top of this page. Turns out that WordPress doesn’t allow images larger than (I’m guessing 5MB). The one photo I was starting with was over 8MB, while the rest were under 5MB. So after resizing the problem photo, it uploaded, as did all the others I wanted to start with.

The photos rotating right now are from a series I did on Windows for my Photography 3 course at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Right now, I don’t have these photos anywhere else online, but one day I suspect some of them will end up on my flickr.

I also got the summary that is due today done this morning as I had planned (although it was very tempting to sleep in!).

Off to class. Be good to each other,

- Steve

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