a new day begins as another ends…

It’s really late. Well, maybe not really late. It’s 1:30am on Monday, January 31, 2012.

2012. Where do the days go?

Overall, I guess I’m feeling okay tonight. I know there is a lot to do this week and soon I’ll feel the stress of crunch time.

Of course, instead of revising, proofing and finishing (it feels good to use those words, as opposed to the word “starting,” cause, yes, I have started them), some reading summaries for two of my classes tonight; I spent a couple of hours on my website trying to improve my WordPress layout. I’m glad that I got some things working, such as the grouping of links to different media sites I belong to (which you can find to the left of the screen) and changing the theme of my site. I’m a little upset that I couldn’t get WordPress to upload photos of my own artwork to use as the header photo but I guess I’ll leave that till another day.

So to close my work on WordPress for tonight, I’m writing this quick post to see if what I write here will also automatically post to my LiveJournal blog and then I’ll either catch some zzz’s or work on those summaries. I may just catch some zzz’s and wake up round 6:00 am to revise them.

Talk soon,

- Steve

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