allergies suck…

I’ve been sneezing now for just over an hour, pretty much non-stop. In 2008/09 I was retested for my allergies and found I was allergic to dust, dust mites and molds. At that time I was put on shots which happened weekly and now monthly. I supplement the shots still with antihistamines such as Reactine. I don’t get attacks as often as I used to, but when it does it sucks.

No exercise since my bike ride, although I did a lot of walking around downtown Vancouver on Saturday taking photos of Canuck fever.

I also got a lot of painting done yesterday but have more to do today. I plan to make a post about my latest series of paintings, my inspiration for them along with some of my frustration with them sometime soon.

I did a bit of work on updating my movie list again, adding some recent additions to the list. I’d like to finish updating “L” this weekend.

Anyway, I have to run to the store, then take Jessie to work!

Chow for now,

- Steve

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