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Well it’s been an interesting week. Without going into detail, at its Tuesday, September 22 meeting, Council considered and approved a resolution which saw me become the Chairperson of the Executive Board again. As such, since becoming Chair again, I’ve decided to resurrect this work blog.

Saturday, September 26, 2009 (a. ~12:23am – 3:10am – @ Home ~ 2 hours 48 min): Based on a resolution approved on September 22 to have Council every other Tuesday this fall, I compiled the fall council meeting schedule. I e-mailed the schedule to council and KSA staff (and reminded those required to submit reports to our next meeting to have them sent to me by October 1), and posted it online (here: ) and by placing all the dates on our online calendar. When updating the calendar, I added all the dates for the fall, spring and summer terms as appear on the Kwantlen dates & deadlines webpage (here: ). While I was doing that, I e-mailed the Registrar, Jody Gordon, about holidays that fall on Sundays in the months ahead as the official calendar doesn’t acknowledge those – and I doubt they’ll have the library open on Easter Sunday (Jody responded to that e-mail this morning saying she’ll have Kwantlen update that oversight). Finally, I looked at what agendas and minutes were not yet posted online for both council and the executive board, and I e-mailed Ashley and Kari about getting whatever is not posted online by October 15.

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