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Wednesday, May 27, 2009: (~8:00am – 4:00pm – 8 hours in Surrey): Checked and responded to e-mails from David Borins regarding the civil suit; and I concacted the RCMP regarding possible criminal charges that the KSA is hoping will be pressed. I met with Robert Kovacic briefly about what supplies we need to finish fixing the one pic-nic table that we moved. I also reviewed minutes for financial motions and updated the copy of the budget that Rolando is using; and in addition, I reviewed general ledger accounts on overspent line items and posted a spending summary update online for council members and other interested parties to access. Specifically, that document is posted here:

Finally, I attended an executive board meeting, where we passed $750.00 to buy a cargo van that the Society will use to move stuff from campus to campus, as well as to our external storage locker. We also tabled a motion to release $10,000 towards increasing the current endowment of the parents bursary.

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