Hello world: welcome to the new steve lee…

This is my first post on WordPress, which I’m slowly trying to learn about. The new goal of my site is to focus specifically on myself and my own exploration of art and writing.

Other aspects of my site that used to exist, such as my Humour, Crime Prevention and Kwantlen Student Association/Concerned Students sections will be spun off to their own seperate sites (although I think I won’t bother reposting the crime prevention stuff as it’s been more than 10 years since I was involved in that).

Ideally, I hope to use WordPress Apps that will allow me to tie my twitter streams into this site, as well as tie my YouTube, DeviantArt, LiveJournal and other social sites I frequent regularly back into this site. Ideally, I’d like users to be able to visit steveleenow.net and be able to not only learn about me but also be able to see the spiderweb of information and posts by me that exist elsewhere on this world wide web we call the Internet. I also want users of those sites to be able to interact smoothly with me here at steveleenow.net.

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